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The schmilblic...Papy Mougeot... They both belong to a famous sketch by Coluche, a well-known  French humorist. And they were supposed to be in Cajarc.

Other famous people gave its celebrity to Cajarc (President Georges Pompidou and his wife who had a house there),the novelist Françoise Sagan,Madame Claude...

With its 1114 inhabitants, its 152 metres height, Cajarc is 28 kilometres away from both Figeac and Villefranche-de Rouergue.

Reflecting itself in the beautiful river where water-skiing championships took place this summer, the lively, appealing village of Cajarc was built around a fortified building called "la Maison de l'Hébrardie".On the ancient ditches now filled in, a "tour de ville" was set up and has now become the ringroad crossing the village. 

Suis le chemin de tes rêves
Henry David Thoreau
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